Flutter Application Development


In January 2019 a piece of email fluttered into my inbox and I almost blew it away as I thought it was some new photo app. Luckily I opened it and my developer life changed. I immediately opened the  Flutter Dev site and an exciting adventure started (ok so I am easily amused).


First I must indulge you with a little history  and  tell you that i am a longtime Microsoft tools developer and very experienced in C#, Sql server , Entity Framework , Javascript etc. I give new meaning to the term senior developer as have been writing code for 40 years. After years of Windows and server development I decided to investigate phone development. Unfortunately my first move was into the ill-fated Windows Phone arena with Silverlight (yes I am old). of course the learning curve here was short for us .Net devs but alas the party was not to last as MS threw in the towel after being bashed by Apple and Google.  Actually MS had a shot at buying Android but this was one of Bill Gates biggest regrets as you can read here

. I then dragged my beaten ass back to the web world with back ends in C# and EF and front end UI in Javascript. I developed a few videos on this experience which can be found on my YouTube channel . I  realize that these are not the most polished but think there is good information in these that might be helpful to some. They also serves as a reference for myself if iI need to revisit a technology as at my age I easily forget things like where my car keys are.

However I was always being tempted to go back into the phone app world but was looking for a cross phone solution. My JavaScript experience lead me to Sencha Touch / PhoneGap. I developed an application called GymPal that I hoped would conquer the fitness world . I think the framework produced a pretty good app but my conclusion was there must be better solutions. I am pretty good in JS but was never totally enamored with the language as I am more comfortable in true Object Orienated (OO )languages like C# and Swift. Yes I know about Typescript!   I produced a video on my YouTube channel on using Sencha  with .Net. My interest in GymPal and Sencha faded as I began investigating Xamarin and the lack of interest from my potential client.

      Now Xamarin is a pretty cool framework and of course is owned by Microsoft . As a C# develper and Visual Studio user there was a short learning curve. I developed a few apps and you can share some of my experience at. I became frustrated with the design tool and the limitations of the Forms solution. So I decided it was time to go native and  jumped into the XCode/Swift world . Now this was a big move for this old Windows hack as of course I had to buy a Mac (OMG!). Actually it turned out to be mostly painless and even fun. Swift is a brilliant language and well , XCode  is amazing. I seemed to be on the road to abandoning my cross phone dreams but then along came Flutter and just when I thought a new love was impossible Flutter swept me off my feet !